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Do you like being photographed? Do you want to increase your visibility?

Express yourself. Free of charge!

How come?

Do you have an idea that seems “crazy”? Atypical for conventional photography and are you somewhat afraid to approach it with a photographer for various reasons?

Propose it at MSK Photoshoots! Because MSK Photoshoots is open to avant-garde photo projects and you will be treated with utmost seriousness! Share with me some compelling reasons that might persuade me to use the camera for TFP photoshoots!

TFP Photographer Free Photoshoots

MSK Photoshoots, within the limits of the available appointments, offers professional photo sessions, of very good quality and at no cost, in the TFP regime, to professional models or amateurs who want to be photographed.

It is the type of photo session in which both the photographer and the model can equally enjoy the use of the resulting materials without incurring expenses for photography or modelling services. Both sides participate, and both sides win!

It is a WIN-WIN agreement!

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First: what is TFP?

TFP is an abbreviation of “trade for print“. Because it is a relatively older way and technology has evolved, it can be updated to the expressions: “trade for photos” or “trade for portfolio“.

We define TFP as a photo session in which both parties [both the photographer and the model] understand to share the right to use the edited materials resulting from it.

They can use these materials equally for the purpose of promotions, increasing visibility or notoriety, in online or printed form with the exception of the right to sell both on photo stock platforms and the sale of their visibility through dedicated platforms, being the object of a commercial approach such as a subscription or a photo package for sale made available by an account owned by one of the parties.

All photo sessions of this kind will be done only on the basis of a TFP Agreement signed in advance by the protagonists.

What do you need to know about MSK Photoshoots TFP photo sessions?

What are the minimum requirements to be eligible for TFP photo shoots at MSK Photoshoots?

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