MSK Photoshoots – The Concept

MSK Photography is a new photographic project, thought and planned for the beginning of 2023.

MSK Photoshoots Philosophy

The main objective of this photography project is to bring back the joy of being photographed for any protagonist, whether you are an adult, a child, a young person or an elderly person, but also a demanding client with his own business.

As a professional photographer, I follow a relaxed way of working which, although strictly following targets & deadlines, wants to offer its models a friendly and relaxing vibe.


In a world dominated by new devices that, among other things, also have the option of taking pictures [such as the mobile phone], we are tempted to stop enjoying the images but only to consume them compulsively and to pass over them quickly through – a simple swipe. We live in ultra-technological times, where most visual information is at our fingertips.

But! Many times we miss a few attributes: the experience, the emotion, the story, the construction and the artistic approach of an image.

Should we consume them like a chocolate: large pieces swallowed quickly, unchewed, unsavoured, or should we enjoy their texture, taste and aromas, in controlled quantities?

In the short term, we would feel satisfied and satisfied with the first approach, but in the medium and long term, we realize that this approach becomes harmful.

It is the same in photography: there are moments when the use of the mobile phone or other devices can be insatiable, enough to control our desires and needs. Instead, in the longer term, we lose important moments in amateurish, poorly framed and poor quality images.

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Professional photographer? Why and when?

There are certainly times when the presence of a professional photographer will not be at hand. You won’t be able to take it with you even on holidays on top of a mountain, a remote island or simply, there are moments-events that cannot be foreseen.

Instead, photo sessions can be planned according to events or the nature of the moments. You can foresee an amalgam of emotions, experiences, when there is a special event, or simply, natural, classic, like portraiture.

Our child plays, trains, reaches an age or graduates from school, the family spends time in nature or thematically, enjoys Sinteklaas, Santa Claus, Haloween, etc. There are reasons why you can call on a professional photographer to capture these moments!

At the business level, as you are a service provider or produce goods, no matter how qualitative they are, it is ideal to be aware that their image is very important!

And professional photos can create a perfect “packaging”, whether it’s corporate portraits, product or commercial photos.

An athlete wants to immortalize his form or success, an artist, an exhibition, a concert or an event that defines him, an entrepreneur or his company, success, etc. A lot of reasons to have a professional photographer with you and not to use a mobile phone, which, due to the multitude of automations, can significantly lose a lot of qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

The photo taken professionally will always pass the test of time!

Regardless of the photography technique and equipment, it will offer the same amount of emotion, life, memory with the help of quality, framing, processing, etc.

Images are our primary source of memories and landmarks!

The [ real ] costs

The MSK Photoshoots concept proposes decent costs, for the pocket of any willing, for the any photography amateur.

The cost of a photo shoot in general is directly proportional to the client’s requirements, but he will always consider minimizing them if the situation allows it.

However, the most important thing is for the photo consumer, the client or the model to be aware of the value of the image: it does not consist in the amount he will pay, but rather in what the image itself will serve him over time.

For example, most of us are consumers of temporary, perishable goods and services and we purchase them without realizing their costs.

The image, on the other hand, is perennial, immortal. If we draw a parallel between the two kinds of things, only then will we be able to realize the real cost.

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The vibe

In the course of time, I have met many clients or models who needed a professional photo set, but which they did not necessarily want.

Usually, by the nature of the work practiced or the business, they implicitly needed images. Some struggled with their own preconceptions about their bodies. Others, simply, check off one more photo shoot.

The desire and joy of being photographed has become more and more rare!

Why wouldn’t you be yourself? Why wouldn’t you be happy about yourself, about what you are or can be? Why have preconceptions about your body when it is just a means of expressing what you really are?

Rediscover life! Rediscover the joy of being photographed!

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