FAQ-Frequently asked questions

MSK Photoshoots, through the following questions, will try to order sets of frequently asked questions divided into chapters. However, if your question is not found on this page, you can send it using WhatsApp, email or the contact form present here.


Even if you are not very determined, you can initiate an informative dialogue on WhatsApp. You can ask for basic information about the photo session, and together we can detail it. A simple discussion should not implicitly become an appointment. It can proceed simply, questions-answer, just for your information.

It is good to start by viewing or reading the promotions or photo packages offered by MSK Photoshoots on this website. A preset package might suit you perfectly or you might start from one. When you have already decided, you can establish the coordinates together with the photographer.

It would be recommended to contact me from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00 or Saturday between 12:00 and 18:00. You can try to leave messages on WhatsApp or email outside the program and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Always before a photo session, regardless of whether the model is in front of the camera for the first time or is an experienced one, a professional photographer will have at least a preliminary talk through which he will detail the type of photo session, establish by mutual agreement its details and the way of working . The photographer will always communicate with the model in order to limit the feeling of “stage fright”, the model to become as natural as possible.

If you are at your first photo shoot, you don’t have to worry! Because the photographer will communicate with you before and throughout the photo session, he will manage you correctly in the light and give you the most appropriate advice so that the photo session will have very good results.

A photo session requires a significant amount of effort. Thus, first of all, you must be rested, have good will and good vibe.

Then, after you decide the theme / photo category, you can consult with the photographer about the location, outfits, accessories, etc.

You make sure together that you establish a plan, a feasible way of working.

The quality, the success of a photo session depends to a large extent on its preparation.

Communication between the protagonists is also very important, because in the realization of a photo session we depend on each other.

In the first phase, it is good to establish a decent and realistic budget. Your requirements will depend on it: the type of photo session, the volume of edited photos, the type of editing, the location, etc.

Then, if the photo session will take place indoors, it is good to reserve the location in advance, except for the situation where you already own it. It is good to consult with the photographer if the location meets the decent parameters for the photo shoot. The photographer will have to present himself with appropriate equipment for the location, that’s why the brightness and how spacious it is matters a lot.

If the meeting will take place outdoors, it would be recommended that at least one of the participants gets to know the area. If not, then we can do a little research of the area, of such a nature as to make sure that the space is not private property, whether or it is very crowded , etc.

Also, if the photo shoot will take place outdoors, it is very important to check the weather forecast so that there are no surprises.

It is good to choose the right outfits that match the location or theme. For example, a sports outfit will make a discordant note in a vintage location.

Also, the accessories must be chosen carefully, to match the outfits and the environment. Sunglasses, for example, in an indoor ambience such as an office, would make a discordant note.

After making sure that you have detailed with the photographer both the theme, the outfits, etc., as well as estimating his and your availability for the photo session, you can mutually establish the three coordinates: the date, the time and the location.

Scheduling photo sessions during the weekend will not have an extra cost, but the availability to do them during this period of time is quite limited, especially on Sundays.

A photo session is scheduled when it is confirmed in writing by both parties via the form / email or WhatsApp.

A photo session is recommended to be scheduled in advance, because there may be more crowded periods of time and the availability of the photographer may be quite limited. With an appointment made in advance, such a situation can be avoided.

When the client has the status of a legal person / company, a standard contract or an extended one is established depending on preferences and requirements.

Yes. If for some objective reason the meeting can no longer take place, everything is fine to postpone it for another day.

If you notify me in advance, at least 48 hours before, everything is fine! It is advisable to notify me at the first opportunity, however, sometimes surprises can appear and I can understand the arguments.

For force majeure situations such as medical reasons or those involving certain urgent situations, photo sessions can be postponed without any problem.

These coordinates are valid for both the photographer and the client/model, because respect must be mutual.

Unlike the situation of postponing / suspending a photo session, a cancellation of the photo session can create some disadvantages for both the client and the photographer.

Normally, if the meeting is canceled 48 hours before, regardless of the reasons, none of the parties will bear additional costs.

If, however, the photo session is in progress, the protagonists are already present at the location, and the client wants to cancel the session, regardless of the reasons, he will bear the costs of the photographer’s travel.

If the photo session is in progress starting with the first frames, and the client wants to cancel the photo session for various reasons, he will bear the costs of the photographer’s travel + 25% of the value of the photo session.

If the photo session is already done and the client no longer wants to edit the photos, according to the chosen photo package, then he will only bear the costs of the photographer’s travel + 50% of the value of the photo session.

After the client receives the edited photos, he can ask, depending on the package chosen, for some photos to be retouched. If, after handing over these materials, the client wants another retouch [second time], then this will be done for a fee according to the reference price per edited photo from the given category.

The photographer will carry out the photo session and the editing according to the portfolio displayed on this website. Therefore, the photographer considers that the client wants materials similar to the presented portfolio and in accordance with the selected package .

The photographer can cancel a photo session at any time in the following situations without material consequences and without a detailed motivation:

– Force majeure situations;
– The client / model / does not consent to the photo session;
– The client is not of age and does not have the consent of the parents/legal guardians;
– The client is intoxicated or under the influence of substances prohibited by the law in NL;
– The customer is rude, noisy, offensive, racist, xenophobic, etc.
– The client or third parties endanger the bodily integrity of any participant or the state of the photo equipment.

In my experience as a photographer, the situations described above are extremely rare, in 99.90% of cases they do not occur. And if it happens, they can be solved conveniently for all parties.

After communicating with the photographer, establishing a plan /  working mode [briefing & technical work sheet], check before the session if everything you planned is in order and accessible, check the outfits / products, accessories, etc.

Before the photo shoot, it’s good to be rested, in a good vibe and focused.

The photographer’s communication and advice are important. Checking is equally important: outfits, accessories / products, location, weather conditions [for outdoor sessions], etc.

You can consult together with the photographer on choosing a theme, suitable outfits, locations or public spaces, positioning or talk on behalf of some photos if they can be a source of inspiration for the future photo session.

An experienced photographer will always have some “recipes for success”, he will know how to apply them. That is why it is very important to have a briefing talk between the model and the client.

All the equipment used for photo sessions are professional, very competitive.

I usually use Nikon body full-frame, at the moment I prefer the Nikon D5 despite the very popular mirrorless models.

At the level of lights, indoors I use Dynaphos or Elinchrom monoblocs with precise diffusions or contours or fillers formed by speedlites / strobe/sync flashes. If the space allows, we can also use natural light without other additions.

Outdoors, I usually use natural light, but depending on the needs/requirements, I can use speedlites/flashes with diffusion, wireless strobe/sync systems.

I usually ask clients for information about the chosen space so that I can present myself with the right equipment for the photo session.

All the packages displayed on the website contain a generous amount of time in which to realize the photo session for the chosen amount of photos.

Therefore, I am not used to counting the time at the expense of the client, but, if this is an excessive exceed, I can consider an extra-cost-per-hour calculated every 30 minutes of 50 Euros. Thus, if the meeting exceeds the estimated time by one hour, then there will be an additional cost of 100 euros.

It should be mentioned that this extra cost will be counted only from the moment the photographer informs the client / model that the time of the photo session is over.


In the first few minutes after the meeting, the photographer will try to have a technical talk with the model, in which he will explain in a simple, understandable language, the positioning of the model to the lighting equipment [as the case may be], establishing the frames and outfits according to environment, detailing the orientation of the model in the light and planning the frames in relation to the outfits and the environment.

Throughout the photo session, the photographer will communicate and help you position your body correctly in the light.

If the photo package you choose includes this option, you can receive the best gross frames depending on the package you choose. The photographic materials will be submitted in the .jpg extension at high resolution.

If the photo package you choose includes this option, yes, you will be able to choose them from the gross frames.

The photographer will advise you in advance how to diversify your choices and how to objectively choose the frames that are technically the best.

The gross photos will be archived and sent using the WeTransfer or similar service via e-mail or “Cloud” if it is available.

If you are not familiar with this service from a technical point of view, you will receive details and support to download them.

The edited photos, according to the chosen photo package, as well as the gross frames, will be delivered digitally via WeTransfer or Cloud services.

Practically, you will receive an email containing links to download the materials.

You will also receive a description with the steps to follow to download them if it is the first time you do this or you are uninitiated.

Each photo package displayed on this website has specified an estimated deadline for the delivery of the edited photos. Because there may be changes to the chosen photo packages, MSK Photoshoots will inform you before the photo session of the delivery time estimate for this package.
For extra changes or retouches, the estimated time for delivery can be extended depending on the requirements.

MSK Photoshoots will always aim to deliver as quickly as possible, to meet deadlines, for the benefit of the client.

All photos, both gross frames and edited, will be delivered in digital format, in the .jpg extension at maximum resolution.

MSK Photoshoots does not offer printing services, but it prepares your photos in “Ready to print” mode, so that you can go to any printing center or vending machine to print them in the desired sizes.
Also, optionally, the photos can be optimized for the web if you want this [ crop, resize, weight, etc. ].


Photo editing involves a complex process carried out with the help of Adobe Photoshop, through which a photo is improved from an imaging point of view, both at the level of colors, clarity, contrasts and by moderately modifying some desired / unwanted elements, such as: spots, reducing or the removal of lint, eczema or skin irritations, clothing or accessory defects, moderate skin editing, etc.

Photo retouching is the process by which the photo editor diminishes or accentuates through moderate changes the photos already edited and delivered at the client’s request. The client can request for certain photos, if his requirements are the object of the chosen package, a retouch, only once and in a single trance, according to a selection list.

Processing / Post-Processing are the processes through which the photo editor processes the photos in certain parameters required by the client: resizing, cropping, weight optimization, renaming, etc., and archiving the photos in dedicated folders, to help him. Thus, the client will be able to access and use the photos correctly.

Photo manipulation is a complex process of multi-layering editing and compilation of elements that are not found in the original photo. Practically, you can add or remove elements related to both the subject and the environment, so as to re-create the virtual image, with a certain purpose or theme.

Photo manipulation is not the object of any photo package, this can only be requested by the client additionally.

MSK Photoshoots will offer clients a choice of three types of editing.

BASIC editing is a natural, simplified editing, through which the photo is improved at the level of clarity, contrast, light, framing, color. It is recommended for clients who want their photos to have a vibe as natural as possible but in which some things are improved.

STANDARD editing is a balanced editing between a natural vibe and improvements that involve more complex editing processes, which consist of moderate changes to the photographic subject or the environment, in the most aesthetic way. Basically, it is the type of editing recommended by MSK Photoshoots and visible in most of the photos presented on this site.

ULTRA editing is the most complex type of editing of MSK Photoshoots, through which the natural vibe is changed substantially but which preserves the theme / subject of the photo, in the most aesthetic and commercial way possible. It is a type of editing that we find in the images on product packaging, especially cosmetic ones, fashion magazines, posters, covers, etc.

MSK Photoshoots has already included in its photo packages recommended types of editing for each photographic category, but, at the client’s request, they can be chosen according to his needs.

The client / model together with the photographer will determine the type of editing before the photo shoot.

If one or more photos from the package you choose contain some details to be retouched, you can create a list in which you specify the number of the photo and detail the desired retouching. After you have completed the list, you will be able to send it only once, without being asked for an extra cost.

The requested retouches must be in accordance with the chosen photo package. For example, if you have chosen a photo package with Basic or Standard editing, you will be able to ask for more complex retouching within the Ultra edition only for a fee. The requested retouches must be the object of the chosen photo package.

MSK Photoshoots can offer you photo manipulation services. These are not the object of any photo package offered, but we can consult the application depending on the images what changes can be made to it. Depending on the requirements, the photographer will communicate to the client the reference price of the image that will be manipulated and the availability to perform this work.

MSK Photoshoots can optimize your photos according to your requirements: make them lighter, resized, croped, etc.

If the photo package you choose includes this option, then the optimization will be automatic, free of charge. Likewise, for repositioning and/or compliance with a fixed size.

For editing I use Adobe Photoshop with dedicated extensions and addons [there are small programs dedicated to certain types of editing], generous libraries of “Actions”, etc.

For processing and post-processing I use Adobe Lightroom, with dedicated “Actions” libraries, and for optimization ACDSee or Adobe Photoshop.

All photos chosen for editing will be worked in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Gross frames, no.

If it is not a special case, yes. It is recommended that I be informed of this wish of yours before the photo session, so that I know exactly what I have to do, and if the removal process is complex, there may be extra costs that will be announced in advance of the photo session.


Payment for the photo session is recommended to be made by the client at the end of the photo session [neither in advance nor after editing].

Occasionally, depending on the given situation, the moment of payment can be decided by mutual agreement before the photo appointment.

Payment can be made both in cash and by bank transfer.

If the photo session you want takes place outside the perimeter of the city of The Hague, since I am not a driver, it will be difficult for me to reach the address.

Thus, I will try to use public transport: train, metro, tram. For photo sessions that take place outside The Hague, the client will provide the transport or its costs.

Also, if the round trip totals more than 40 minutes, the reference cost of an extra hour will be 50 euros and will be calculated for each half hour of 25 euros / 30 minutes.

You can choose to opt for extra photos at any time! MSK Photoshoots will give you a price estimate taking into account the reference price of an edited photo from the photographic category and the volume of your selection.

The cost of the package or of an extra edited photo will be communicated to you in advance.

The photo packages displayed on this website are some working examples. We can change the quantity, we can choose the type of editing, the location, etc. You can customize the desired photo package according to your requirements and needs.
Instead, the promotions remain fixed on the information displayed on the website.


If you are of legal age, your photos may be used for promotional purposes of my company. If you don’t want this, please let me know and of course I will respect your decision.

But, for the photos that have photographic subjects as minors, I will always ask for the consent of the parents or legal guardians.

Regarding photo shoots, “TFP” is short for “Trade for Print” or “Trade for Photos”.

TFP is an agreement between the photographer and the client by which both parties consent to the limited or unlimited use of photo materials in exchange for costs: the photographer does not charge money for the creation and editing of the photo session, but will own their rights and may publish the photos or parts of them. Also, the model / client receives the edited materials and can use them to the same extent as the photographer, as long as he cites the source where this can be done [social media, etc.], with the exception of selling them. It’s a “win-win” collaboration in which the protagonists benefit equally from the materials resulting from the photo shoot.

For TFP type photo sessions, MSK Photoshoots proposes a Model Agreement / Release form in which the protagonists detail and consent to the use of the materials.

All TFP photo sessions will be discussed and analyzed beforehand by the protagonists.

All your data will be protected both as a website visitor and as a client/model. MSK Photoshoots will not reveal your name, age or other personal data.

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