About MSK Photoshoots


I’m Julian Hermeziu, I’m a professional photographer & visual designer and MSK Photoshoots is my newest photography project!

Nice to meet you!

Here are some coordinates about me and my activity highlighted in a few simple questions:

Who am I?

I am a photographer of Romanian origin, with accumulated experience since 2006, settled in The Hague at the end of 2021. I was born in Romania in 1980, I am a native Romanian speaker and I use English professionally.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to learn Dutch because my journey in the Netherlands is just beginning.

professional fotograaf den haag

What experience do I have?

From 2006 until now, I have been carrying out my photographic activity constantly, making a lot of photo sessions both in studio mode and the classic outdoor-indoor ones in natural light.

In these years I have collected hundreds of photo sessions from a diverse range of photographic categories, summing up the photography of a significant number of models, products or events.

Daily or once every two days, you can surprise me either in a photo session, or editing a previous set of photos. Thus, I can say that my photography as a hobby has disappeared since 2006, and since then I practice this profession, constantly, even more, I can often surprise myself with it as a way of life.

I have worked both with independent models and important clients, photographing both simple people and at corporate level, products, events or staff. Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, etc., Lancome, Catalina Herrera, Chanel, Dior, etc., are some of the brands whose products have passed through my lens for retailers.

Regardless of the photographic category and the status of the model, product or event, I approached them photographically in only one way: professionally.

What equipment do I use?

I usually use Nikon products and at the moment I prefer the Nikon D5 despite the trend of using mirrorless cameras.

At the optical level, I use lenses from the entire range, both the “short” ones dedicated to portraits: 35mm, 50mm, but also all around lenses such as 24-120mm or telephoto / all around 50-500mm, etc., and I generally choose them according to needs / requirements.

When the situation demands it, in terms of lighting, I use specific studio equipment, high power monoblocks on tripods, softboxes, blends, levers, etc., or, in specific conditions, lighter systems of flashes / flashes, strobe / sync.

When natural light allows me, I work with it or combine them with those listed according to requirements and standards.

In general, I try to have as practical an approach as possible.

What education do I have?

In addition to the specific / dedicated photo courses

PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE , Avantaj C. | accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour of Romania, EU.

I graduated in history-social sciences with a specialization in museography at high school, and later, I studied philosophy and journalism at the university in Bucharest / Romania for 4 years.

What hobbies do I have?

I recently re-discovered cycling with my daughter, with my relocation to the Netherland. Besides this, I have quite diverse concerns. In general, I am a great lover of art, in whatever form it may be.

Music is quite an important hobby for me, although I listen to different genres depending on the mood / vibes, I prefer industrial, wave, punk, goth, metal, but I don’t give up even attending classical music concerts.

Sport is also an older concern of mine. I was an active volleyball and soccer player about 20 years ago, but at this moment, I have become just an observer who practices the “movement” only in an amateur way. I follow sports competitions and sometimes I like to be anchored in them as a photographer.

Because history is a germ that is hard to kill if you were infected with it when you were young, I am a great devourer of information and stories derived from it. Also thanks to her, my appetite for political science, communication and journalism was opened.

I am an animal lover, and all the animals in my life have been adopted / rescued. At the moment I have an amstaff and a common breed cat.

I like to converse, to discover people and cultures and I am also a great amateur in observing and studying group or individual human behaviors.